Osteopathy & Pregnancy in Ballina

During pregnancy, the body undergoes a great amount of change and development. The postural changes and increase in weight are obvious, but the other changes may be more subtle, like hormonal and emotional. The combination of the above can put a fair amount of physical strain on the body.

Many women seek osteopathic treatment during pregnancy to help their body adapt to these structural changes, and also to help with back and pain, pelvic pain or instability, carpal tunnel syndrome, rib cage pain and sciatica.

Osteopathic care during pregnancy centres on helping the woman to accommodate her pregnancy as comfortably as possible. This is achieved through improving overall movement, managing pain that may be occurring and lessening any barriers to better function.

The aim of treatment is to alleviate some of the pains and problems associated with changes in posture, weight bearing and laxity of the ligaments, particularly in the pelvis.

Treatment may use a variety of techniques such as massage, stretching and gentle indirect techniques such as cranial. These techniques may be focused on the spine, extremities, joints and soft tissues.

Both Alison and Jess have trained with Optimal Maternal Positioning and as a result all out practitioners use these approaches in their treatments where appropriate. OMP is about “bringing alignment and mobility within the mother’s pelvis enabling the baby’s cardinal movements to facilitate labour progress”. We have also found clinically that many of the OMP approaches can be useful in managing pelvic pain associated with pregnancy.

Post Partum Osteopathy

After giving birth and welcoming a new baby into the world, most Mums find their focus shifts completely to their new baby. While we completely understand this, we also know that this is a time when your body still needs care and support.

Post partum Osteopathic care is focused a few different areas. These include helping recovery from birth whether it was vaginal or caesaren, managing diastasis recti and pelvic floor issues. The process of adapting to the new load of feeding and caring for a baby can often lead to neck and back pain, which we can help with treatment and suggestions for how to better support your body in these activities.

We work with a great network of lactation consultants, women’s health physios and exercise physiologists that we can refer you to if needed.

Finally, when you are ready, we can assist with a smart and safe return to physical exercise.

Osteopathic care during pregnancy centres on helping the woman to accommodate her pregnancy as comfortably as possible.

Conditions we may be able to help you with include:

Carpal tunnel
Pelvic pain and instability
Low back pain
Neck and shoulder pain
Postural pain relating to feeding
Pubic symphysis disorder
Diastasis Recti

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